Research for mapping the peace education in youth field in each country, to understand the reality and differences between inclusive societies: a research on vulnerable youth’s needs for participation and community engagement will analyze the lack of trust in their potential and misunderstanding of their interests. This barrier prevents their voices from being heard. Resistance from institutions, bias against youth interest, and adult-centric perception hinder youth participation. The aim is to equip youth workers with skills and knowledge on peacebuilding and conflict prevention, which they can pass on to young people in a sustainable way..

Digital Training Platform: A Digital Training Platform will connect all participants and stakeholders to interact and discuss. Young people are increasingly immersed in the digital world but lack skills in using social media to influence larger audiences. The program will produce materials uploaded on this platform, and there will be related activities for engagement and learning assessment.

The Youth Strategy Manual for Peace and Solidarity is a manual for youth workshops. It focuses on managing Active Citizens Initiatives with young voluntary coordinators and volunteers, particularly the European Citizens Initiatives. The partners aim to create a Manual of good practices and tools. The e-Book for Youth Strategy will focus on Human Resource Management of Volunteers for European Citizens’ Initiatives.

A 4-day training on youth advocacy and civic lobbying will be held alongside development work completion. This aims to bring together youth workers from Romania, Slovakia, Greece, and Ukraine to provide them with skills for transforming conflicts and promoting peace. Participants will have hands-on learning, exchanging information, and practicing. T-Kit 12: Youth transforming conflict will be the main resource to work with. Trainers will guide the process. Objectives include analyzing crisis effects, increasing competencies for peaceful crisis addressing, equipping youth workers with non-violent communication skills, and strengthening the EU network for peaceful crisis management.

A 4-day training in Slovakia will focus on participatory methodologies and local activity facilitation. It aims to provide tools and tips for choosing appropriate tools, organizing workshops, and small group activities. The training also includes a matrix of tools used worldwide, including VSO, with information on their suitability for different stages of development, level of participation, and communication type. It also features profiles of each tool, including purpose, applications, variations, and potential pitfalls, along with case studies from development workers in the field.

Publicity Campaign to promote European youth organizations for peace and solidarity in Ukraine. Ukrainian youth workers will be involved in running the campaign in Greece, Romania, and Slovakia. Goals include building peace skills globally, addressing human rights issues in developing countries, and fostering understanding in conflict-ridden areas like Israel and Palestine. The campaign aims to create engagement, change the situation, and enhance visibility of youth organizations in the peace-building and human rights efforts.

Initial target groups for dissemination activities in the project consortium include: (1) members, volunteers, and staff of involved organizations and associated partners; (2) young people facing challenges who participate in youth development activities organized by partners and/ or associated partners. These target group members will be introduced to the project and informed about its goals, actions, and tools. Partners will create tailored promotional videos for each target group to encourage continued support. The goal of initial dissemination is to create a group of advocates who can share project information beyond the local area. A 4-day training in Slovakia will focus on participatory methodologies and local activity facilitation, providing tools and tips for organizing workshops and small group activities. This training includes a matrix of worldwide tools, their suitability, and case studies from development workers.

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