The Project

Project HOPE, which stands for “Helping Youth Organizations to lead processes of Civic Engagement and Active Citizenship,” aims to promote youth participation and peace-making through youth work. The project focuses on equipping youth professionals with the necessary skills to effectively engage and empower young people.


The main objectives of the project include developing the competences of youth professionals, fostering cooperation between vulnerable youth and institutions, and improving advocacy and lobbying skills. By addressing the need for peace education and providing youth workers with knowledge on peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the project aims to empower young people to play a meaningful role in shaping efforts for peace. Additionally, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations in managing active citizenship initiatives and utilizing innovative methods to stimulate youth participation. It also aims to provide youth workers with the tools and procedures to run successful online campaigns on issues that affect young people and their societies. In light of the current conflict situation in Ukraine, where young people face significant barriers to inclusion and support in peace processes, the project aims to bridge the gap and empower them to contribute to building lasting peace.


Overall, Project HOPE seeks to activate and engage more young people in Europe, with a particular focus on those with fewer opportunities, and promote their active participation in society. By working with youth professionals and addressing their continuous professional development, the project aims to support the active participation of young people and create positive social change.


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